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Multicultural Alcohol Tastings in Support of the San Francisco Education Fund

An event so nice they hosted it twice. Join Drink Good – DO GOOD once again for One World, One Glass: Part Two! Only this time, all proceeds are being donated to the San Francisco Education Fund, in support of San Francisco public schools. Unlimited alcohol tastings, savory ethnic food, music and supporting San Francisco’s […]

Raj on Leveraging Technology

Back in September 2010, our founder Raj Prasad participated in the Small Business Technology Tour in Mountain View, CA. Below is a video of his conversation with Rachel King (Bloomberg Business Week) and moderator Ramon Ray on how companies are leveraging technology. Click here to watch the video.        

This After School Special is Over ☹

Last week WDFA concluded the first year of its internship program with MetWest High School located in Oakland. CEO and Managing Partner Raj Prasad and Account Director Yvonne Chavez began this program in November 2009. Their mission is to bring real world perspective, the value of hard work and professional experience to at-risk students. WDFA’s […]

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Experience. Relationships. Personal Connection. A Successful Sale.

I always say that the two kinds of professionals who never go off duty are doctors and salesmen. Yes it’s exhausting, constantly bombarding your brain with observations and ideas, pitching people you meet at bars or standing in line to get into the bar. Saying the right thing at the right time no matter where […]