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MUNI: A Love Story (For Marketers)

Last week we had Bike-to-Work Day and San Franisco is a pretty great place to enjoy it. I even heard among some SF executives that the bamboo bike frame is the new Mission Bicycle, which was the new Hufnagel, which was the new Mercedes or something to that effect. I’m not too status-oriented when it […]

Raj on Leveraging Technology

Back in September 2010, our founder Raj Prasad participated in the Small Business Technology Tour in Mountain View, CA. Below is a video of his conversation with Rachel King (Bloomberg Business Week) and moderator Ramon Ray on how companies are leveraging technology. Click here to watch the video.        

Our Analyst Talks About Micromarketing

We asked our lead geo-targeting analyst, Jamie Mironicki, to comment on the article that was recently published in Ad Age on November 30th, entitled “Brands Prepare for More Diverse ‘General Market’–with Generational Shift Afoot, Ethnic Insights are Standard in Ad Efforts”. Jamie, what was your reaction to this article? This article isn’t telling us too […]

Experience. Relationships. Personal Connection. A Successful Sale.

I always say that the two kinds of professionals who never go off duty are doctors and salesmen. Yes it’s exhausting, constantly bombarding your brain with observations and ideas, pitching people you meet at bars or standing in line to get into the bar. Saying the right thing at the right time no matter where […]