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Lessons Learned So Far: An Intern’s Perspective

I call it the real world because this is how I expect my career to be. I get up in the morning ready to hit the BART train. One thing I learned is that image is a must, so I always go to work in professional attire. I’ve had to adjust from backpacks to briefcases […]

WDFA Has Done It Again

WDFA is back in the headlines! The San Francisco Business Times‘ exposé reveals WDFA’s unique history, tracing the company from its roots to where it is now — a serious player in the San Francisco market and working on expanding nationally. Raj Prasad and Jason Hilton, WDFA’s co-founders, got business up and running back in […]

I recognize your hard work, but…..

KFC Challenge

We do a lot of things at WDFA.  We have achievements and awards we are proud of.  We have talent seeping from the walls.  But today….today…One of us took the KFC Challenge.  Even Steven Colbert had this to say:  “This is deep-fried madness. It is breaded insanity. It is a sandwich that lacks all sandwichness…This […]

What a Colorful World

WDFA has spent the last few weeks cross training. Not exercising (just Jerry does that), but understanding how we each contribute to the team. We’re learning about other departments and sharing experiences about how we stumbled into our professions and how that has helped us view life. Today I heard someone talking about how the […]

Expectations. Reality checks.

Living in the Bay Area has made me a snob. World famous restaurants, wines and entertainment, its impact on American social and political issues, the liberal and progressive attitudes, the iconic scenery and landmarks immortalized in movies and history books. Whenever I visit my rural, Italian-Catholic hometown, I have to remember that Applebee’s and the […]

The Sickness

For the last two months, everyone in our office has taken at least one sick day, some of us four or five. The flu has spread like a wild fire and no one has been spared. Everyday we try to take measures to improve our immune system, but also everyday we do things that destroy […]

What Your Beer Says About You

As written in Advertising Age yesterday, “What Your Taste in Beer Says about You,” we took a poll at the office to determine what our favorite beers reveal about us. Intrigued by the thought that “the concept of beer-as-window-to-the-soul” was taken to heart, the concept comes from Mindset Media, the market researcher specializing in psychographics. […]

Halloween at WDFA