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A Junior Perspective on Type

As part of Gen Y and as un-jaded young designer in advertising, I’m obsessed with noticing every little detail in the web and print advertising world. Here are a few trends in typography I’ve seen (and love) that are becoming more and more popular this half of 2011. 1. Typeface pairing. This trend is huge […]

Why You Should Not Eat Lunch At Your Desk

All of this was within a one block radius on my “adventurelunch” last week. -JF

Happy New Year from WDFA

If there was one thing 2010 taught us it’s that life has no guarantees and that every day should be treated as a blessing and adventure. So here in 2011 we are not going to wait for milestones or sales figures to move forward. The days of us living to work are over and working […]

WDFA Has Done It Again

WDFA is back in the headlines! The San Francisco Business Times‘ exposé reveals WDFA’s unique history, tracing the company from its roots to where it is now — a serious player in the San Francisco market and working on expanding nationally. Raj Prasad and Jason Hilton, WDFA’s co-founders, got business up and running back in […]

Technology of Happiness

This year the 2010 Shanghai World Expo has attracted as many as 500,000 visitors per day, with pavilions representing 195 countries.  All are working on the theme of “‘Better City, Better Life’ representing the common wish of the whole humankind for a better living in future urban environments.” One pavilion that has attracted the most […]

Genius is 1% inspiration, & 99% perspiration.

The famous quote by Thomas Edison couldn’t be further from the truth. Creative thinkers of our industry often find themselves with brilliant ideas, but a lack of organization and productivity to bring those ideas into fruition. We are bombarded with information that comes from constant brainstorming and research. How many times do you have a […]

Channeling your inner 4th grader.

“Grow up!” This is a phrase that my parents would use repeatedly when breaking up sibling squabbles when I was a kid. An order meant to stop the incessant yelling I’m sure, but were my parents growing impatient? Was I? Up until I graduated college, I was hell-bent on becoming a “grown-up” and getting a […]

“I think creativity can solve anything. ANYTHING.”

Over the weekend, one of our senior designers in New York saw “Art & Copy”, a documentary on how advertising has profoundly effected our culture — and she found it immensely inspiring.  Her favorite part?  The part with the pushpins.  You’ll have to go see it to know what I mean.

Pablo Picasso’s “Guernica”

The “Caveman” mural, inspired by Pablo Picasso’s “Guernica,” was originally created by Peter and Eric. It began as an outlet for them to express their artistic frustrations, but quickly came to symbolize their inner selves. For example, you’ll notice that Peter’s name is surrounded by red, blood-like coloring.  This symbolizes Peter’s love for the TV […]

Adobe CS5 is here!

Adobe CS5 is here! The long awaited Adobe Creative Suite 5 Web launch is finally here. For you non-designer types, this is like a creative person’s Christmas. This soft-launch gives us the fine details of the new CS release, including new features and existing feature improvements. Some features I’m excited about include the ability to […]