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Lessons Learned So Far: An Intern’s Perspective

I call it the real world because this is how I expect my career to be. I get up in the morning ready to hit the BART train. One thing I learned is that image is a must, so I always go to work in professional attire. I’ve had to adjust from backpacks to briefcases […]

MUNI: A Love Story (For Marketers)

Last week we had Bike-to-Work Day and San Franisco is a pretty great place to enjoy it. I even heard among some SF executives that the bamboo bike frame is the new Mission Bicycle, which was the new Hufnagel, which was the new Mercedes or something to that effect. I’m not too status-oriented when it […]

It’s a Happy St. Patrick’s Day in New York

You may not know this, but one of our account coordinators, Katch Byrnes, is quite an accomplished bagpipe player (or is it bagpipe-ist). And the NY crew are zealots when it comes to supporting their own. Here they are as Katch makes her St. Patrick’s Day Parade debut.        

Happy New Year from WDFA

If there was one thing 2010 taught us it’s that life has no guarantees and that every day should be treated as a blessing and adventure. So here in 2011 we are not going to wait for milestones or sales figures to move forward. The days of us living to work are over and working […]

A gift that keeps on giving

Someone got six new swords for Christmas…

Happy Holidays, from WDFA

For any new employee, the company holiday party is HUGE stress provoker.  What to wear?  Who to bring?  How do I annihilate this shrimp skewer without drawing attention to myself? When I think of company get-togethers, a stuffy, judgmental atmosphere full of awkward conversation is what comes to mind. Luckily for me (and I think […]

It’s Halloween Again – We got dis!

pumpkin head sara

Media Training 101 – What Not to Say When Your Company Is Ruining the World

There is a long and awkward history of corporate leaders saying the wrong thing when their companies are facing criticism. Goldman Sachs CEO Lloyd Blankfein responded to his company’s role in contributing to the recent financial crisis by suggesting he was doing “God’s work.” But BP CEO Tony Hayward, whose company just hired a former […]

We’ve Been Left Unattended

Evidently, when our managers have an off-site meeting, we have no supervision. Our four-fathers are out planning 2010 while we child proof the boss’ office. JB

Another Day at WDFA