The 800-Pound Guerrilla in the Room

Sure Creatives have license, but Guerrilla Marketing folks have IDEA CAPITAL, and they shouldn’t be afraid to leverage it. These days, for some of us, it means pitching big and pitching often.

In fiscally predictable times, sure, you want to do all the hand-holding, getting little nibbles of work here and there that you build into grand campaigns and retainers. But I haven’t seen anything remotely predictable since late 2007.

My point is that unstable macroeconomics, coupled with the fact that people expect YOU to be the one that comes up with avant-garde concepts that turn eyeballs toward their brand, gives you much more than creative license. It’s like some sort of marketing top security clearance – like a covert, black ops, double-0 agent of bad-assery (if you will).

Pitch big and pitch often. If you get yourself into the “I don’t want to ask for an NDA on the first date” conundrum, and you’re afraid your ideas might get stolen, then sue big and sue often. I kid, I kid…  But not really. Everything’s time-stamped these days; it shouldn’t be too hard to prove that an idea is yours in court.  But ultimately, none of that should matter because you’re the actual idea person and they just claim to be one while schmoozing it up at the local bourbon tasting. So you’re not sweatin’ it – you’ve got idea capital accruing daily. Use it and be victorious.

Jason Fordley

Jason studied marketing at Plattsburgh State University, has lived in Philadelphia, Barcelona, Manhattan, and now resides San Francisco and has a lemon tree. When not being relentlessly badgered by co-workers for being the most romantic man in advertising, he uses his powers to create innovative ways to turn eyes toward brands he likes, heading up the Guerrilla Division of WDFA Marketing.


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