It’s about time.

This past weekend WDFA launched an integrated campaign for our client, One Medical Group. The objective was to introduce One Medical Group as the modern-day doctor office to time-strapped New Yorkers and transform the typical health care experience into one that is personalized around the patient’s needs. Imagine that!

One Medical Group isn’t just a trail blazer in an industry marred by inefficiency and dysfunction. They are reinventing the way patients experience and obtain health care. It’s not everyday that an agency gets to work with a client that causes us to take pause and ask, ‘why not’? We feel passionate and honored to be able to work with a client that we can stand behind. Especially one that bestows such creative license to us. Who can complain about that?

As with any large scale campaign, comes a large scale amount of work, sleepless nights and elbow grease. The one thing that always makes it all worthwhile is when it successfully comes together. Of course there are always things you might have done differently in retrospect, but we learn and remember it for the next time.

Walking through one of the station dominations at Bryant Park was like crossing the finish line in a marathon (or at least how I’d imagine it would feel–I’m more of a walker). You never think you’ll make it, but then you get there, have your Rocky Balboa moment, catch your breath, and go home feeling proud of your accomplishment.

So if you’re in New York over the next two months you might catch a glimpse. And if you live in New York or San Francisco, it’s worth a second look at what One Medical Group can offer, because we all have better things we could be doing than waiting forever for mediocre medical advice, am I right?

To read more about One Medical Group, visit or in this NY Times article.

Lindsay Hull
Director of Creative Services

Here are a few photos of our It’s about time campaign.

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