Drink a Little Good, Do a Little Good

Believe it or not, but WDFA isn’t all business; we have our fun both at and outside of the office.  So when we sponsor events and get-togethers, chances are pretty good that it’ll be a blast.

Take, for example, The Drink Good — Do Good Coalition events hosted at our favorite local watering hole, EZ5.

Take your pick.

Here’s how it works: a few times a month, Mama (EZ5’s purveyor) takes down all the name-brand bottles from the bar shelf and replaces them with less-known boutique brands.  Bid farewell to Grey Goose, Maker’s Mark, and friends, and say hello to Death’s Door Spirits, Barsol Pisco, Choya, and Bakon Vodka (yes, I said bacon vodka), among others.  Event attendees are able to enjoy a specialty menu featuring $4 concoctions that show off the versatility and taste of each local brand.  It’s the perfect opportunity to discover some hidden gems, expand your palate, and, of course, show off to your friends later.

Tonight's menu.

But it gets better.

In addition to great drinks, close friends, and lots of laughs, 100% of the proceeds from the sale of t-shirts and other promotional items are donated to a local Bay Area nonprofit.  We figure, if you’re going to go to happy hour anyway, you might as well drink for a cause.

Yvonne and Emma showing off tonight's t-shirt.

Who knows, that $7 t-shirt you just bought could wind up helping a orphaned animal find a new home or go towards programs that focus on growing the future leaders of America.  How can you say no to that?

Join us tonight at 5:30pm.  All t-shirt proceeds benefit Rocket Dog Rescue.  See you there!

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