Pablo Picasso’s “Guernica”

The “Caveman” mural, inspired by Pablo Picasso’s “Guernica,” was originally created by Peter and Eric. It began as an outlet for them to express their artistic frustrations, but quickly came to symbolize their inner selves.

For example, you’ll notice that Peter’s name is surrounded by red, blood-like coloring.  This symbolizes Peter’s love for the TV show Dexter.

Note the stunning resemblance.

Eric’s side of the mural, however, is dominated by the stealthy ninja.

This symbolizes Eric’s love for the movie “The Karate Kid.” You can imagine Eric’s joy when he found out that they were re-making it.

Many of the characters in the mural are missing limbs.  This symbolizes Eric and Peter’s love for their projects and their feeling of loss when they
have to release files to our vendors.  Eventually, the mural became a team project, as various staff members contributed to it.  For example, there are two Krakens in this mural, and together these Krakens gave birth to the triple-breasted, one-eyed, lobster-clawed, PBR-loving mermaid.  The mermaid represents diversity in the workplace, while the Krakens stand for the murky unknown of the business industry.

The unicorn farting rainbows is symbolic of the mythical and the scientific coming together.  In other words, advertising.  In all, the “Caveman” mural makes for a welcoming way to greet people who venture into the back corner office known as the “Mancave.”  It also makes a good plug for the upcoming movie The Avengers.


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