Hispanic Media: Growing Fast and Strong

Ethnic broadcasting is about to explode. Hispanic television has turned a whole new leaf and is doing better than ever. “This time next year, if you’re not in Hispanic media, you’re going to want badly to get in,” says Don Browne, president of Telemundo. Part of the Hispanic television has become so big and successful that their main competition is English networks.

With an increase in America’s Hispanic population, more focus is on the wants and needs of the Hispanic audience. “In 2000, the U.S. Census Bureau predicted that America’s Hispanic population would grow from 35 million to 38 million by the middle of the decade. Actual number in 2005: 41 million.” The official number today is at 47 million and predicted to be at 50 million soon. Awaiting the results of the 2010 Census Bureau, that number is guaranteed to increase making even more of a presence on Hispanic media.  100322 Geoscape–Spanish-language TV networks thriving

Interest in who the audience is and how they can be broken down is crucial. Distinguishing the types of groups has become the biggest challenge for the Hispanic media companies. Programs that WDFA uses, such as Geoscape, do exactly that. Whether someone is Spanish-dominant, bilingual or completely acculturated and English-dominant, plays an important part of what they are going to watch on TV and listen to on the radio. After all, “does a third-generation Cuban yuppie in Miami want to watch the same shows as a Mexican seamstress in LA who just arrived in the U.S. last year?”


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