KFC Challenge

We do a lot of things at WDFA.  We have achievements and awards we are proud of.  We have talent seeping from the walls.  But today….today…One of us took the KFC Challenge.  Even Steven Colbert had this to say:  “This is deep-fried madness. It is breaded insanity. It is a sandwich that lacks all sandwichness…This is the warped creation of a syphilitic brain.”

Derrick, of our New York office, took the dive into 11 spices of deep fried goodness…A chicken burger without the bun, the Double Down features bacon and cheese wrapped in two breaded filets.  Some consider it a culinary coronary. KFC claims the product has generated more publicity than any other menu item its history.

“I mean, it was kinda like, I’ve seen it and I knew I should try it, I’m not a healthy eater anyway, so it didn’t scare me.  I felt a little whoozy afterward.  It was good, I’d try it again, ” Derrick said.  Not a ringing endorsement but not too bad.

Word on the street is that he could only finish half for lunch….and he ate the rest for dinner.


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