Adobe CS5 is here!

Adobe CS5 is here!

The long awaited Adobe Creative Suite 5 Web launch is finally here. For you non-designer types, this is like a creative person’s Christmas. This soft-launch gives us the fine details of the new CS release, including new features and existing feature improvements.

Some features I’m excited about include the ability to bring in vector graphics into Dreamweaver (the Adobe web design/development program), the simplification of shape building in Illustrator, and the addition of Flash Catalyst that lets a designer add interactivity to Flash objects without needing to know code.

But what I’m most interested in learning more about is the inclusion of Omniture’s web analytics system. With the addition of this service, a designer making a web banner ad can export an art file that includes click tracking and web analytics code. This code would report back to the posting agency all results for faster ad tracking.

Pretty damn sweet.

This feature puts Adobe in direct competition with Coremetrics, Nielsen and ComScore. Plus, if this feature is included in a company’s design software, what reason would an agency need to tap one of the aforementioned companies for web ad tracking? In a way, this could make Adobe the web analytics equivalent to Microsoft for the web browser industry segment.

All-in-all, I can’t wait to see how this pans out.


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