The Dark Fields – filmed by our New York Office

New York City has something going on all the time.  So does our New York Office.  This morning they were busy at work, meeting deadlines, and working with client while watching the filing of the Dark Fields outside their window.  “It’s supposed to be a suspense…..why are they walking then”, classic commentary by our team.

An intellectual slacker and former cocaine addict, now eking out a living as a copywriter for a small publishing house. Through a bizarre series of coincidences, Eddie finds himself in possession of MTD-48, a drug that has some curious effects. On his first trip, Eddie discovers that the drug boosts the intellect, making him far smarter – but also faster, more intuitive, and more charismatic. By warding off sleep and focusing his attention span, Eddie finds that the drug enables him, in a matter of hours, to write a book, learn a foreign language, or predict certain events by detecting patterns in vast amounts of information. What author Glynn has imagined is the perfect drug for the information age, one that makes its user a match for the ceaseless flow of data from television and newspapers to the Internet. Rather than being lost in the overload of endless news, history, opinions, and other information, the user of MDT-48 can take it all in and find meaningful patterns within it. It is an addictive combination, and the book follows Eddie’s adventures as he goes through numerous career changes: from copywriter to stock trader and ultimately high- finance guru. However, like all drugs, MDT-48 has its downside, including lethal withdrawal symptoms and terrifying side-effects that can render a user homicidal. If this were not enough, the drug itself is both created and distributed by a shadowy corporation worthy of Pynchonian paranoia, and it isn’t too long before Eddie begins to suspect that he didn’t just “find” MDT-48 after all. 

The story, based on Alan Glynn’s 2002 novel, is about a loser (LaBeouf) who gets his hands on a top-secret pharmaceutical smart pill but soon discovers that it has lethal and lasting side effects. The project is said to be in the vein of Fight Club and The Game.

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