Office Toys

We’ve been known to break out in chants.  We also have been known to rap and imitate each other.

I looked around today to see what people use to relieve stress, to take some time away from their computers and meetings.

We have a lot of baseball fans…..with the Giants home opener in 8 days we are all pretty excited.

The Masters hit the same weekend, we have quite a few golf enthusiasts as well.  
Spring has cleaned the city with some good rain, and the sun welcomes our bike riders and runners.  Well, we have 1 runner, but we do have one.  A couple of equestrians here as well, but we can’t fit the horses in the elevator.

Candy…big theme here.  According to Emily, “When Jordana, stomps in, takes candy and stomps back to her office,” we know it’s a stressful day.

Candy, cigarettes, food all rank in the top for office distractions.

Al’s options of facial hair growth seems to be an ongoing project.  We take turns sharing our ideas as pictured below.

It takes all kinds to make this place work.  We seem to know what we need.


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