Social Media: What Happened to the Good Old Days

It’s true that Social Media is blowing up these days.  Twitter, Facebook, blogging, they are all changing our lives and changing the world when it comes to communication and contact with people.  Is this change completely for the better or does it cut out certain aspects of personal relationships?  Sure, it’s much easier to see what someone’s up to at that moment or keep in contact with people you rarely see with just a brief sentence on their Facebook wall.  But the personable chivalry found in picking up the phone and calling someone is fading fast.

Social Media and its impact are even changing the way we see events.  Unlike the news, YouTube is not being censored to the extreme.  With video capability everywhere, in phones and cameras, we have access to everything as long as someone was there to witness it.  This is life changing.  We are starting to cut out the middleman, the censored news, and the fact that we get our worldly knowledge through a type of scripted media.

A recent robbery at Chez Maman in Potrero Hill proves just how prominent social media is in our daily lives.  The news of this unfortunate incident was spread through Twitter.  The more shocking part was how long it took to get real coverage from a news station, “a good three hours after the first tweet.”

Like it or not, life as we knew it has changed.  Now I feel like a grandma out of the loop, missing the simple old days and I’m only 24.  But there’s so much to look forward to and so much to enjoy about the availability we have to all that surrounds us.


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