Account Coordinator aka Organizational Guru

As one of the newer members of the WDFA Family, the last 4 months have been a whirlwind. In a good, good way! Coming from the world of interior architecture I was ready for some change. I have some project management experience under my belt and had been told, by others in the industry, that I would be great in this position; but what does that exactly mean?

Emails, phone calls, vendors, estimates, specs, research, “The Jig” and Managers and Sales Executives with requests from every angle (oh my)! How does one deal? Answer: ORGANIZATION IS KEY! I create spreadsheets and most importantly find a way to work with each individual. It is my job to work through the projects from what an AE wants to pitch to working with vendors to coordinating with the design team for artwork. Every week presents new challenges and a different focus. I love the constant busyness and every now and then, that big idea, POPS!


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