Explaining the benefits of SEO vs. PPC


Visitors from search engine results do not cost you a penny

Increase in traffic by 25% from benchmark

The rankings a website achieves through SEO can continue for a long time after the work has been done

Over the long term, SEO can be more cost effective than PPC

Visitors are more likely to trust a site they find in the rankings – they feel it has been ‘approved’ by the search engine

An effective overall strategy will ensure that traffic increases, and as quickly as is possible


It is very quick – You can often see results within hours of activating a campaign

You only pay when your ad is clicked on

You can pick which keywords to bid on

The results can be tracked allowing continual improvements

It is possible to target specific cities, zip codes and age groups

You can rank high for any keyword

For most brands, success means having a viable online presence.  This includes a well-balanced combination of a completely optimized and well constructed website, advanced social networking (blogs, Twitter, Facebook, etc.) and ad placement.  Mix these elements with a strategic SEO/PPC plan and you have a brand that reaches as many targeted customers as possible, as quickly as possible.  Finding an ad agency that is both a knowledgeable and able guide through an immense online jungle of bots, spiders and metatags is a time consuming job.  You can’t trust just anyone to handle your online optimization, just like you can’t take your car to any old repair shop.  But much like that mechanic who levels with you, WDFA delivers the results that you need.


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