Cool for the Sake of Cool is Not so Cool After All

More often than not we are so obsessed with building brand awareness with the next coolest design that we completely forget about brand equity. With the world moving as fast as it does, it’s easy to loose the history of brands and everything it takes to build the long lasting association of value that every brand seeks. It seems that everyone is so busy leapfrogging each other to beat out the competition that brands become more of a lookalike or ‘kinda-like’ in hopes of success.

Wow! Brand X is cool, but what is it? Does it work well? Does it taste good? Does it last long? Don’t let the glitz and glamor blind your true value. Sure it takes skills and attitude to win, but it takes heart and understanding to last.

I really hope there is a reawakening of design that not only examines the nature of brand X but its impact on our lives and why. We’ve long solved the problem of making things look cool, now lets get back to remembering how to design around why things are cool.


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