3 Types of Online Marketing to Follow Your Target

Behavioral Targeting
WDFA’s Behavioral Technology identifies and segments anonymous user behaviors throughout millions of websites within the company’s Data Network. Once an audience is identified, WDFA can serve behavioral ad placements to them in the exclusive Network of consumer-branded sites.

Contextual Targeting
WDFA’s Contextual Targeting Technology scans and classifies web pages into more than 3,300 categories based on site content, meaning, and context, then delivers relevant ads to each site in real-time. Continual scanning ensures that ads not only appear on standard category related sites within WDFA’s Network, but also on news and editorial sites relevant to the client.

WDFA’s Retargeting Technology enables a client to re-engage its target audience by delivering ads to individuals who have previously visited the company’s website. Each time a user arrives to those pages, WDFA’s ad server drops a cookie on the user (no personally identifiable information is gathered; only users’ IP address). The system will then identify and serve ads to that user when he/she crosses over into WDFA’s Network.


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