Expectations. Reality checks.

Living in the Bay Area has made me a snob.

World famous restaurants, wines and entertainment, its impact on American social and political issues, the liberal and progressive attitudes, the iconic scenery and landmarks immortalized in movies and history books. Whenever I visit my rural, Italian-Catholic hometown, I have to remember that Applebee’s and the Olive Garden is the standard of gourmet and that they don’t offer an organic version of anything.

I recently re-watched CK Louis’s old bit on Conan. Not to throw my generation under the bus, but I completely agree with him.

Our demand for immediate gratification all the time via technology, money or strange self-entitlement has given us tunnel vision and suffocated our ability to be happy, or realize that we already are happy. I guess I’m writing about this because every now and then I like to reassess my personal values and life goals just to make sure I’m not wasting my energy on something insignificant. At work we’re always setting expectations for our clients, and we’re good at it. I just have to remember to set them for myself too.


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