True Story

The first week into the new year has come and gone. It was much busier than we expected. People came back rested and hit the ground running. I stopped at my usual coffee shop on the way into work and found myself having missed the routine. I talked to the barista and she asked what I do for a living…

“I work in marketing”, I said.
“Wow that is so different from selling coffee.”
“Well, no not really, you had to research this corner to see if you could reach a target market, you displayed those doughnuts in the counter to entice people, and the aroma adds that special touch. You are marketing every time you talk to me, I return to this place cause it’s familiar, you give me good service, I like the price and it’s convenient.”
She smiled back, “Really? I never looked at it that way, can I put that on my resume?”
“You bet, see you Monday.”

I walked across the street knowing my day was about to begin with a strong force behind me…just knowing that I love what I do so much I want to share it with others, even at 8:30 am.

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    That’s a great entry!

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