Our Analyst Talks About Micromarketing

We asked our lead geo-targeting analyst, Jamie Mironicki, to comment on the article that was recently published in Ad Age on November 30th, entitled “Brands Prepare for More Diverse ‘General Market’–with Generational Shift Afoot, Ethnic Insights are Standard in Ad Efforts”.

Jamie, what was your reaction to this article?

This article isn’t telling us too much more than we already know. The general target of any campaign should mean more than just the average white male, unless that is your target. Some ad campaigns include everyone, but that is truly rare in a world of ethnic diversity, neighborhoods and even towns.

What convinced you that we need to segment our targets?

If you want to use what we do – micromarketing – a campaign must target the message to the right people, and avoid a blanket effect. Getting it right means finding imagery and copy that’s both appealing to the general market and believable to the segment in which it is based.

What do you base this on?

People like to relate to what they see. We’ve known that; that’s what works. I agree with the article that the shift from general marketing towards ethnic trends may be a “disingenuous shift.” Why spend money on a marketing plan from an ethnic firm when general marketing is shifting in a way to meet both white suburban culture, black urban culture or Asian culture. Chances are this shift is going to hurt the ethnic agencies and cause more economic loss.


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