What Your Beer Says About You

BeerAs written in Advertising Age yesterday, “What Your Taste in Beer Says about You,” we took a poll at the office to determine what our favorite beers reveal about us.

Intrigued by the thought that “the concept of beer-as-window-to-the-soul” was taken to heart, the concept comes from Mindset Media, the market researcher specializing in psychographics. The study shows that, “people who prefer domestic beers over craft beers or imports are generally middle of the road in their politics. They’re not nearly as conservative as people who don’t drink beer at all, but not as liberal as people who prefer more exotic beer. People who drink a broad portfolio of beers are different than one-brand drinkers as well. Those ‘indifferent’ beer drinkers are more open-minded and emotional people who enjoy a variety of life experiences.”

From our own assessment, we feel like they fall into the demographics described by the beer study:

True to form, Bud drinkers are sensible, grounded and practical. They are the polar opposite of daydreamers and don’t easily get carried away.

“Where’s the party?” is probably an oft-asked question by Corona and Corona Light drinkers. They are busy and energetic people who are also extremely extroverted.

There’s a slang term that could sum up Heineken drinkers: posers. These self-assured people believe they are exceptional, get low scores on modesty and high scores on self-esteem. They love their brand badges — a role the distinctive green glass bottle may play — and in fact, this group is attracted to luxury products in general.

The personality traits of people who prefer Blue Moon, a Belgian style wheat beer, tracked similarly to the same type of people who prefer craft beers — which means Blue Moon drinkers probably don’t know it’s a Molson Coors Brewing Co. family product made in Colorado.

These specialty made beers get lumped into one category both because there are fewer fans (and thus less statistically significant data) of them, but also because the personalities of one type fairly well describe another. This group is more likely to spend time thinking about beer rather than work. They are more open-minded than most people, seek out interesting and varied experiences and are intellectually curious. Craft-beer drinkers also skew as having a lower sense of responsibility — they don’t stress about missed deadlines and tend to be happy-go-lucky about life.

It probably doesn’t take a psychographic profile to discover that those people who refuse to drink beer at all don’t like to loosen up very much. They are socially conservative and see many issues as black and white. Teetotalers honor tradition and authority and prefer a less hectic social life.

The following beers are enjoyed by our staff, and we chose to list them by professional responsibilities.

Sales Team: happy-go-lucky
• Pyramid Hefferveisen
• Rip Tide Red
• Hoegaarden
• Negra Modelo
• Corona
• Dos Equis

Beer SignsDesign Team: busy and energetic people who are also extremely extroverted
This team wanted to divide the poll by “how much beer they already had,” so we did.
First beer of the day – Pacifico, Simpler Times Lager, Tecate, Chemay, Blue Moon, Corona
Not wearing my pants ‘cause I’m not sure where they are – Guinness, Allagash, Budweiser
Face down – any Hefferveisen, and then a girly drink… no more beer

grounded and practical
• Amstel Lite
• Yuengling

Online Media: posers
• Heineken
• Sierra Nevada

Print Buyers:
This team wanted to give their choices by time of day… so we did.
Morning – Guinness, Sunshine, Red Stripe
Noon – Tecate, Miller Hi-Life 40 oz.
Night – Budweiser, Pacifico

Accounting: This team had some abstainers (they are socially conservative and see many issues as black and white… go figure). The others? Total posers.
• La Fin du Monde
• Duvel
• Dos Equis
• Hoegaarden

Hard Core Support Staff: “Where’s the party?”
• Coors Light
• Pacifico
• Stella
• Corona
• Lager IPA
• Peroni
• Tecate
• Hoegaarden

We’re going to look at the health benefits of beer next week….



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    Nice a fin du monde, at least one person is all about that 9% beer

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