What is Micro-marketing?

I have been asked a lot about micro-marketing. . . what is it, why is it and how does it work? The answer to such a complicated question is actually quite simple –Increase the frequency in which the target consumer comes in contact with the product or service. There, I just gave you the recipe to our secret sauce! Advertising, being as creative as it is, is not an art form. Advertising, specifically micro-marketing, is a science.

We do our research differently; not based on DMA, County, City or Zip Code level – but by a neighborhood level. We use anything from spending data to acculturation data to understand more about the consumer that you are targeting. Once we get this data we identify the best way to communicate with your target – strategically and creatively. We try to understand your budget, your Cost per Gross Acquisition, and your overall objective to pitch to you the best way to communicate your message. I know it sounds easy – but the true challenge is trying to forecast what and where the consumer will acknowledge this advertisement.

I can’t take credit for creating this methodology but what I can tell you is that I am going to make it popular. In a time where budgets are shrinking – ad spend regardless of the medium is down, however WDFA’s sales are up. We are creating advertising campaigns that your consumer relies on and we’re not afraid of tracking the results because we are confident it will work. So the next time you shoot out an RFP put me on that list (raj@wdfamarketing.com), I’ll show you what we can do.

P.S. – The weather in SF is wonderful, I might go play hooky!

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