Goodbye terrible twos. Hello thrilling threes.

According to the Child and Youth Health website, children between the ages of three and four typically exhibit the following traits:
• They will like to have choices but they usually can cope best if the choice is limited such as “you can wear your red shoes or your blue ones.”
• [They] are less likely to have kicking and screaming tantrums.
• [They] may still have fears of noises, the dark, animals, monsters, etc.
• [They] are developing a sense of humor and like to laugh at and repeat silly words and situations.
• They may still need a dummy, blanket or other comforter when tired or away from home.
• They can have very stereotyped ideas of what ‘boys’ and ‘girls’ are like, e.g. girls wear pretty dresses and boys are like Superman.
• They are starting to take responsibility for their own toileting.
• They may have accidents (wet pants) during the day and be wet at night.

Last Saturday, WDFA turned three years old. And if you’ve ever met anyone who’s worked here, you’ve probably been witnessed those traits above.

We celebrated at Medjool, in traditional open bar fashion. It was a proud night for everyone, who had been told since day one that tomorrow is never promised, it’s earned. The managing partners who could attend gave a very sweet, heart-warming thank you to all 30+ of us crowded onto balcony that was way over capacity. The bouncer screamed for us to get off, but our loyalty to WDFA and each other gave us the strength to ignore him. Even if we plummeted to our death, we’d do it as a team. The mass grave on Mission Street would be a symbol to companies everywhere that you get the best from your staff when you treat them with respect and validation. Well, at least until street cleaning.

I won’t go into all the awesome dance moves we busted or the Liz sandwich that Raj and Jason made (oops). Although WDFA demonstrates qualities that the

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