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This is a year of new things at WDFA. A new office, a new New York office, a new baby, three new weddings, three new homeowners, and a new secret romance (fingers crossed). I recently returned from the third wedding in Santa Cruz, and it made me realize that all the people I work along side of are just as much a part of WDFA’s life as it is a part of ours.

It seems only fair – the workload is overwhelming, twelve-hour days are not unusual here, and when one person is on their honeymoon for three weeks, everyone feels the strain of their absence. But even though there are more of us now, more hallways and space that separate our desks, it hasn’t changed the way we interact or take a genuine interest in each other lives. I guarantee you that every weekend, at least eighty percent of us hang out together (probably at EZ5).

We steal each other’s friends and go camping with them, we bring our parents to work and introduce them, we barbeque on major holidays, we are roommates with each other’s girlfriends, we get drunk at company parties and demand raises or confess that we’re quitting, we rip off the buttons of our bosses’ shirts in an alcoholic frenzy, we flip through pictures of each other’s pets, we go to each other’s weddings and we gather around to hear the gory honeymoon details.

We’re a strange, oddly matched group of people but somehow it works. People who, in the real world, wouldn’t give the other a second thought are best friends. And I’m happy to see that all this year’s newness adds another dimension to the perfectly crazy WDFA lifestyle.

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