Myths, Millions and Ideas

It does have to cost a million dollars . . . all agencies are expensive.

Those are two misconceptions about the advertising industry. In all my years of advertising a client has never left me. And there have been many occasions that I have launched advertising campaigns that yielded great results and the budgets were small.

You don’t hire an agency to do things that you don’t have time for or for volume discounts on media placement. You hire us to think in ways that you can’t. We are idea people – our jobs are simple. Get your brand recognition, develop your brand’s equity and drive people to purchase your product or service. You pay us for our time and ideas – and a good agency understands that if the price is fair and the results meet the expectations that were set, the client will return for more. I started this company and our first campaign was $280.00 – no JOKE. Today as I pitch and close million dollar campaigns those $280.00 campaigns still exist and are welcomed in our agency. So the next time you think that you can’t hire an agency because they are expensive and you can’t afford a million dollar campaign – Call WDFA and we’ll make sure to prove otherwise.

Now back to the grind – there are clients to be won over.

Raj Prasad
CEO – WDFA Marketing

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